After years of developing and using Wisly as an internal crypto tracker and accounting software, we are proud to roll out the first public version today. You can now benefit from the insight and precision that professional cryptocurrency investors require!

Wisly is Live - Crypto Tracking Tool

How is Different From Other Crypto Tackers?

Wisly was initially conceived as the internal tool for a pool of crypto investors who wanted to share their knowledge and experience with investing in cryptocurrencies, staking/mining and trading futures. At first, we tracked using Excel or other basic crypto trackers, but very quickly – as the number and frequency of transactions grew – we realized these methods lacked some of the key features essential for accurate portfolio management such as:

  • Latest trusted price and market information for each crypto
  • Overall value, profit, investment metrics
  • Detailed metrics for each line of investment, including cost of acquisition, realized and unrealized profit, investment levels, etc.
  • Overview of the contribution of each member to the portfolio
  • Location of coins on the various exchanges and wallets
  • Proper risk assessment tools and metrics (Value at Risk, Volatility, Price Simulations)
  • “Housekeeping” and management ability: audit trails, error detection, easy transaction entry
  • Reports that allow for easier tax and regulatory reporting

We looked at the existing solutions on the market at the time, including leading crypto tracking apps and websites, but found that they only ticked the first two boxes…

…So, We Decided to Build our Own Crypto Tracking Solution!

Until now, no crypto tracker has satisfactorily ticked all of these boxes. Wisly is now a fully-fledged crypto tracking and accounting software. We support all of the above, and have added even more features:

  • Market analyses and statistical tools
  • Trading signals for major coins
  • Market overview and data, so that we can use Wisly as a “one stop shop” for crypto data
  • API integrations to facilitate transaction entry and minimize errors, with a unique portfolio routing system. Is Available Now!

We are now launching our software for anyone to use, and is available as a web application, on desktop and mobile, as well as an iOS or Android native application. The best part? It can be totally free! Our Basic Tier users will be able to benefit from advanced insights and data that is usually included in other trackers’ paid offers. You only need to start paying for your subscription when your portfolio grows, at which point the small monthly fee should not have a big impact…

Wisly App - Crypto Tracker and Portfolio Tool Available now

How Can You Get Started?

Getting started is as easy as downloading our iOS or Android applications on the Apple App Store or on Google Play, or filling out our short signup form on our desktop app. Once you have an account, you can start importing your transactions via:

  • API Connections
  • Bulk CSV Imports (we provide the template)
  • Manual entry

We also offer a support service to help you get started.

What’s Next?

This is just the beginning for! We have many more ideas for the future, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Connecting to the top crypto exchanges. We currently connect to the major exchanges, but will soon be expanding to the top 300!
  • Tax filing reports. We currently provide all the reports, data and exports for your or your accountants to easily fill in your tax forms, at no additional cost. We want to expand this and provide you – when possible – with tax filing documents
  • Additional analyses and reports, including easy statistical tools to help you make more informed decisions.
  • More signals! We currently have signals for the top 20 crypto, and will expand as we go.

Wisly Tracking Crypto App - Get Involved

Get Involved!

We started Wisly as a way to make our team’s life easier; and we want to keep that spirit of innovation alive. We want to be the best crypto tracker for investors, by investors. So let us know what you think, what you would want to see, and how we can make our software better, so we can continuously improve it for the community!