Wisly UK Ltd. (henceforth mentioned as “Wisly”, “we”, “us”, “our”, “Company”) is an online cryptocurrency tracking and accounting application helping users (the “User(s)”, or “you”, “your”) better manage their digital currency investments, through our front end website https://wisly.io (the ” Site“), and our digital asset tracking platform https://app.wisly.io (“App” and “Platform“), as well as our iOS and Android applications, found on the relevant App Stores.The data and analysis presented on Wisly’s App is a direct output of the transactions entered in Wisly, whether manually, through CSV imports or API connections, all of which are initiated by the User. Everything being calculated based on these input, it is possible that the output of the data presented on the Platform contains errors, if there are errors in the transactions. See below more information on errors and error management.The Platform will present accounting information, including cost-basis, investment basis, realized and unrealized profits, using the FIFO accounting method by default; Users can however choose different methods for their reporting purposes. Wisly and its Platform are not intended to be used directly to declare taxes and fill in regulatory and official documentation, though the Users might elect to do so, at their own private responsibility. We strongly advise that the outputs of Wisly be treated and analysed by professionals certified and able to perform, among other things, tax accounting, annual reporting and financial reporting. Additionally, it is Users’ and their advisors’ responsibility to ensure all information entered on Wisly is correct. Errors can be introduced in your transaction list in 2 ways: (i) through User input error; (ii) through incomplete API imports – as some exchange do not give access to all of a user’s historical data (as such it is the responsibility of the user to complete the transaction list if needed. We usually indicate when completion would be required). Though our calculations are very precise and battle-tested and though we try to point out where errors might be in the transaction list, we do not take responsibility for the accuracy of that list, which only the user will be able to assess. As such, the user has the final responsibility and stewardship to make sure the transaction list is accurate. Wisly uses third party price providers, for pricing, including but not limited to market-leading platforms such as CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko as well as direct Exchange data feeds, to determine the best historical and current prices. However, any error in prices are not the responsibility of Wisly but of the selected price provider. We do however check most prices and try to make sure all prices provided are accurate.